If I'll Make It to the Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock
I can imagine myself standing on the rock looking the mountain ranges around; sitting on the brink of the rock enjoying the most natural view of Mother Nature; or lying on my belly at the edge of the rock plateau gazing down the fjord below. That would be one very remarkable and exhilarating nature sightseeing treat for me! Getting to the Pulpit Rock involves scenic hiking and I reckon the hike would be a very memorable experience.Well, that is if I'll make it to the Pulpit Rock.

Also known as Preikestolen, the Pulpit Rock is a popular tourist destination in Norway. Set on a steep cliff rising hundreds of meters (604 meters) above one of Norway's longest fjords, overwhelmingly beautiful natural landscape awaits backpackers and adventurous tourists.

Venturing on hiking adventure to Pulpit Rock is the best way to experience the rocky plateau's wonders and that's what I am hankering about every time the ship sails along the breathtaking and scenic Lysefjord. Months ago the ship was in Norway and there I had my shot of viewing from the ship the latest entry filling up my bucket list.

The Pulpit Rock was the highlight of the ship's scenic cruising deep into the Lysefjord as well as that famous boulder (KJERAGBOLTEN) wedged in a crevice located about 13 nautical miles further deep into the fjord. On arriving the site of the Pulpit Rock, Captain ordered to pull the throttles back to slow down and made a 360 degree turn by the base of the cliff below and where the Pulpit Rock was towering above - that was simply to allow our over a thousand guests to enjoy the view of the iconic rock.

Sailing into the Norwegian fjord requires us to have local pilot onboard and guess what! The pilot assigned to navigate the ship deep into the fjord had his visit of the Pulpit Rock a week earlier. He showed me few photos of the Pulpit Rock taken by his camera and I am so very thankful because he shared few of these amazing photos which I have here now. Capt. Rolf Magne Hausken, thanks a lot.

Not today, maybe tomorrow - as long as the Pulpit Rock remains in my bucket list, I give a nine-out-of-ten chance that one day I will see myself standing on the Pulpit Rock and enjoying all these scenic views.

Photo Credit: Capt. Rolf Magne Hausken