Thrilling Zip Line Adventure At Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel AdventurePark

Located in the remote highlands of Tangub City, the trip to Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park actually is where the adventure and thrill  begins. The heart stopping ascending road trip, the lush vegetation landscape and the gradual shift from warm to cool breeze truly make the road trip to Hoyohoy Highland  Stone Chapel Adventure Park interesting and exciting. At 2,788 feet above sea level, overlooking view of Panguil Bay, Ozamis City, Tangub City, the town of Tubod in Lanao del Norte, farms and villages is absolutely captivating.
Hoyohoy Stone Chapel Adventure Park
The Stone Chapel
Travelers visiting Tangub City and Ozamis City or anywhere around the province of Misamis Occidental and neighboring provinces should try and experience the exhilirating zip line adventure. At a height of 500 meters and a length of 1,250 meters for the first line and 1,100 meters for the second line, the zip line in Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park as of posting is the longest and heighest zip line in the country and in Asia. After the completion of 2 zip line rides, a choice of horseback riding or the 4x4 buggy ride to get back to the starting point of the first zip ride completes the adventure and fun.
Hoyohoy Stone Chapel Adventure Park
Overlooking view
The remoteness of Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park is perfect for everyone seeking a break and temporary disconnection from the busy and stressful world. It is also the best place for families or group of friends to go camping and for anybody who simply just want to enjoy a quiet and relaxing moment.
For those who want to stay for the night, Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Hotel offers affordable hotel accommodations. Camping tents are also available for rental. A function hall is also available for seminars, wedding receptions and other celebrations and gatherings as well.
Hoyohoy Stone Chapel Adventure Park
Overlooking view of the cliff
For inquiries, Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park can be reached at the following:

Mobile: +639173267878 and +639399248076
Email: hsch_hoyohoy@yahoo.com and hoyohoy.adventure@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hsch.hoyohoy

More photos:
Hoyohoy Stone Chapel Adventure Park
Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Hotel
Hoyohoy Stone Chapel Adventure Park
Buggy ride
Hoyohoy Stone Chapel Adventure Park
Passing one of the villages
Hoyohoy Stone Chapel Adventure Park
On our way down

Travel Manila To Mindanao By Bus, Ferry and Airplane, Trust Me It's Exciting!

Flying is and has always been my preferred choice every time I go home to Mindanao from Manila and I've been doing this for many years. It's super fast, comfortable and in less than 3 or 4 hours I'm already in the comfort of my home watching CNN, playing with my kids or taking a nap. But during my very recent trip to Mindanao, I've decided for some twist and sort of diversion away from the norms I used to do. So for the very first time I embarked on a trip I've never done before - traveling from Manila to Mindanao via land, air and sea. Interesting isn't it? This was the very first time I did this so I was some kind of excited really. 
My long, exhausting but exciting three-day travel from Manila to Mindanao was absolutely remarkable and it started here:

1. From Buendia-Taft in Pasay via BLTB Bus bound for Batangas City Port
2GO ferry M/V St. Ignatius of Loyola in Batangas City Port
The over 2 hours bus travel was a bit tiring but impressively one smooth ride. I was on an air-conditioned bus and traveling over SLEX or South Luzon Expressway was smooth, no traffic and the view was amazing too. Can't imagine how soothing it is as the bus began its way leaving the busy Manila metropolis and traversing along the highway by the hills and valleys. 

Departure Buendia - Taft - 5PM
Arrival Batangas Port - 7:15PM

Travel time - 2 hours 15 minutes
Fare - Php 167.00

2. From Batangas Port to Caticlan Port
2GO ferry M/V St. Ignatius of Loyola in Caticlan Port
I then took  a 2GO ferry bound for Caticlan. Departure time should be 9 PM but was delayed and it's only at 10:30 PM the ferry did left Batangas. I've got nothing much to say during the sea voyage to Caticlan as the ferry travel was night time.
2GO ferry M/V St. Ignatius arrived Caticlan by 7:30AM but due to unavailability of berthing space, the vessel had to wait about a mile off Caticlan Port jetty. It was already around 9AM the ferry received clearance to berthed.

Departure Batangas City Port - 10:30PM
Arrival Caticlan Port - 7:30AM

Travel time - 9 hours
Fare - Php 1,150.00 (economy class accommodation)

Note: World popular resort island Boracay is just a boat ride away from Caticlan. A side trip to the island is a good choice to make the trip more exciting. And "YES" I did a side trip and you can read my Boracay experience and view photos here.

3. Caticlan Port to Kalibo International Airport
Onboard a van from Caticlan to Kalibo
I checked out Tree House Da Mario in Boracay on the next day just before dawn and left the resort island early because I thought travel time from Caticlan to Kalibo would take 2 hours and a half as I read from another travel blog. But it turned out travel time by van was far less. 
I knew it! There wasn't any road congestion traveling from Caticlan to Kalibo and frankly speaking, this is what I always love about traveling in the countryside. More on that, the view of the sea, hills, farms and countryside villages were beautiful.

Departure Caticlan - 6AM
Arrival Kalibo - 7:10AM

Travel time - 1 hour 10 minutes
Fare - Php 175.00

4. Kalibo to Cebu
Runway approach in Mactan, Cebu
My original plan was to take a bus from Caticlan to Iloilo and continue with my trip to Bacolod then Dumaguete and across Dapitan City. But since I managed to get a promo fare from Kalibo to Cebu, I diverted from the original plan. 
It was a daytime flight and during that short flight, I enjoyed so much watching aerial views of the islands and the seas from my window seat. 

Departure Kalibo - 12:10PM
Arrival Mactan - 12:40PM

Travel time - 30 minutes
Fare - Php 1,570.68 (Cebu Pacific Air Flight 5J 417)

5. Cebu City to Ozamis City
2GO ferry M/V St. Anthony de Padua in Cebu Port
Cebu City is a very nice place to visit. In Cebu you can visit century old historical churches, enjoy the beach or simply go shopping. Since I've visited Cebu many many times, I chose to stay inside the mall as I waited for my connecting ferry trip  to Ozamis City.
Cebu to Ozamis route is served by Trans Asia, Cookaliong and 2GO ferries. For ferry schedules and rates, visit the shipping company's website.

Departure Cebu City - 6:30PM
Arrival Ozamis City - 5AM (the following day)

Travel time - 10 hours 30 minutes
Fare - Php 898.60 (2GO ferry M/V St. Anthony de Padua)

Traveling from Manila to Mindanao by a combination of bus, ferry and plane is more fun and exciting. Travelers can explore and wander several other places along the way, taste local foods and a lot more. 
Enjoy and make your trip full of adventures, lots of thrills and fun and make it memorable. Hit the roads, sail the seas and fly the Philippine skies. It's more fun in the Philippines.

Ways To Enjoy Boracay Even On A Tight Budget

visited Boracay as a side trip and not as planned. I was hesitant at first to drop by at the resort island as I only had cash left just a little more than enough to cover my expenses for the succeeding series of trips to Mindanao. But my gut persuaded me to visit Boracay, put all my worries into the bucket, find the cheapest accommodation to stay for the night and do the budgeting earnestly.
So there I was in Boracay and on a close fisted budget. In order to survive in the island even just for a day, I did the tricks of budgeting to make what seems impossible possible.
The best way to make the most of my short stay in Boracay was to go out and enjoy (if not all) the variety of fun filled water sports activities, the foods, the weather and most of all the long stretch of white powdery sand beaches of the island. But in my case, where money was a concern, did I enjoy and had a great time in the island? Definitely, of course! 
Boracay Getaway
There are several ways to enjoy Boracay even if you are on a tight budget or no budget at all. You don't have to pay in order to swim in Boracay, that is one. You can do sun bathing for free just anywhere along the beach except if you opt to rent sunbeds, that's number two. Enjoy solitary walk from Station 1 to Station 3 or if you are the more active type trek around the whole island and that's third. Listen to live band or watch heart pounding fire dance performances during the night, it's free to listen and watch and that's number four. 
And here is number five. If you love photography or simply love taking beautiful pictures, you are exactly in one of the world's most beautiful places, so don't waste the moment. 
Boracay Getaway
Of course there are many other things you can do in Boracay without spending a dime, just learn the tricks and before you know it, you already explored and made the most of your stay in this world famous Philippine resort island.
Boracay Getaway
Souvenir t-shirts artists
Failure to capture digital images of this world popular resort simply is a crime...LOL... But I always have my digital SLR camera with me in all my travels so I got covered. 

More photos:

Boracay Getaway
One of Boracay's popular night spot, Nigi Nigi Nu Noos
Boracay Getaway
Another night spot favorites, Guilly's Island
Boracay Getaway
Boracay sunset
Boracay Getaway
Boat at Boracay beach
Boracay Getaway
Tree House Hotel
Boracay Getaway
Boracay bound pumpboats at Caticlan Port jetty
Boracay Getaway
Caticlan Port Terminal
Boracay Getaway
Boracay white powdery sand beach
Boracay Getaway
Shrine of the Virgin Mary in Boracay

The Foot Thumping Beating Of Drums

I was lying on a sunbed at the beach front hotel I opted to stay in in Boracay when the lively beating and foot thumping sound of drums began to resonate around. But since I was really close to dosing off to sleep brought by the cool breeze that was gently touching my skin on that very warm afternoon, I went on listening to the sound and let my thoughts do the dancing. It was amazing and totally relaxing and that was one of the best nap I ever had.
If not for these group of foreign tourists who passed by and noisily poking fun on each other, I should have dosed off to a prolonged nap. Upon realizing I could not get back to hibernation mode, I left the sunbed and went off to check where these lively drum beating came from. And I found it and here they were.

Backpacking Tagaytay - People's Park In The Sky

Originally called Palace in the Sky, People's Park in the Sky is actually an uncompleted mansion built during the Marcos era. Now it serves as a park and one of Tagaytay's most popular tourist spots.
People's Park In The Sky
Beautiful view
Visitors of the park enjoys a beautiful 360 view of Manila Bay to the north; Laguna Bay to the east; and Taal Lake to the south. Taal Lake can also be viewed from several other spots in Tagaytay but I should say that I got the best viewing angle at People's Park.
People's Park In The Sky
Taal Lake view
The park has several cottages for rentals and souvenir shops as well. Also at the park stands the Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair and Love and a doppler weather radar station maintained by the PAGASA or Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration.
People's Park In The Sky
Cottages for rental
Entrance fee is only 30 pesos. From the entrance gate of the park, an ascending walk to the top is more of a fun but for visitors who prefer the easy way, jeepneys are also available.
People's Park In The Sky
Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair and Love

Backpacking Tagaytay For Less Than 400 Pesos

I had a fantastic day backpacking in Tagaytay last Sunday. For less than 400 pesos, I've visited two of Tagaytay's popular landmarks - People's Park in the Sky and Tagaytay Picnic Groove. I could have visited more of Tagaytay's several tourist sites if I get there 3 or 4 hours earlier. Next time I'll see to it that my alarm clock is set to the correct time...LOL...
It's hard to believe that at less than 400 pesos I was visiting Tagaytay but for a budget traveler like me, it's possible. 
Here's how:
1. Take a JAM Transit bus with the signboard Balibago. Bus station is near LRT Buendia Station. The ride only takes about an hour. Fare from Buendia to Balibago is 61.00 pesos. Ask the bus driver to have you dropped on the bus stop where jeepneys going to Tagaytay are parked.
2. Take a jeepney from Balibago with the signboard Tagaytay. Fare from Balibago to Tagaytay is 45 pesos. The ride takes about an hour.
3. Alight at the drop off area of the jeepney terminal in Tagaytay and take another jeepney with the signboard People's Park. Fare is only 10 pesos. The ride is only 10 to 15 minutes.
4. Entrance at People's Park in the Sky is 30 pesos. At the gate, jeepneys are available that will take visitors to the viewing point of the park where souvenir shops, cottages, shrine and several other amenities are located. Taking the jeepney up costs 40 pesos per trip for a maximum of 6 persons per trip. Going up by walking only takes about 10 to 15 minutes, so taking a jeepney is not necessary unless you prefer. In my case, I opted walking.
5. From People's Park in the Sky head down to Picnic Groove. Jeepney fare costs 15 pesos. Picnic Groove entrance fee is only 50 pesos.
6. Picnic Groove to Tagaytay terminal costs 8 pesos.
7. Tagaytay terminal to Balibago costs 45 pesos.
8. Balibago to Buendia costs 61 pesos.
To sum it all, I only spend exactly 327 pesos. 

Yes I Fly With Air Asia Zest

Air Asia Zest aircraft in Lumbia International Airport
As I mentioned from my previous post, I arrived Laguindingan International Airport too early just to make sure I would not miss my first ever Air Asia Zest flight. Well, on my part, I was just doing the normal stuff travelers should be doing to avoid missing a flight. For those who hasn't missed a single flight so far, keep it up as you were doing just the right thing. Missing a flight not only costs you some of your valuable time but also it costs you money. 
I just had my first ever Air Asia Zest flight almost a week ago. It was one good flight though I am afraid to say that it's not the best one. But to be fair I would say that it's not a bad one either. 
Just like everybody else, I always wanted to get to the destination on time  but my flight yesterday was delayed for almost about an hour. The delay was due to air traffic congestion in Manila most probably. Departure time should be at 2:40 PM. By 2:30 PM Air Asia Zest personnels were already on stand-by at the boarding gate counter at Gate 1 but minutes later they were all gone. Well that only suggests one thing, flight Z2 549 will be delayed and so it was. Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines flights also suffer slight delays but at least these airlines made announcement over the public address about the delay of the flight. But for this Air Asia Zest flight bound for Manila, there was nothing. 
Flight attendant during safety demo
Boarding time eventually began at 3:00 PM but when everybody were onboard and the aircraft doors were closed, the pilot announced that take off time would be delayed for about 12 to 15 minutes. Argh...did we got any option?  The answer was NO but anyway I already got used to this. 
Finally, the plane took off Laguindingan International Airport. The flight was smooth except for the moderate air turbulence the aircraft encountered during its ascend but was gone when the plane reached its cruising altitude. I woke up so early yesterday so I slept mostly with the duration of the flight. 
Air Asia Zest operation is at NAIA Terminal 4, the old domestic terminal building of NAIA. Honestly, I like arriving at Terminal 4 - no long walks to take and within just a short distance, I am standing in front of the luggage carousel waiting for my check-in luggage to appear. For the first time ever, my luggage came out from the luggage handling area so fast and was the number 2 luggage lodged at the carousel or luggage conveyor. 
By 5 PM I was out from the domestic terminal and queued up for the metered yellow taxi cab. I always prefer taking the yellow taxi cab over the white ones and I suggest you do the same too. If you want to avoid fighting with the taxi driver for over charging or asking extra amount from what appears on the meter, avoid the white taxis at the airport. By the way let me stress here that not all white taxi drivers are doing this, but for the sake of comfortable, convenient and argument-free taxi ride, go straight for the yellow taxis. The rate for the yellow cab is a bit higher compared to the white cab but it's worth the ride. If I got it right, yellow taxi charged a flat down rate of Php 70.00 for the first 500 meters and Php 4.00 for every succeeding 300 meters. And one more thing, I feel more secure and safe with the yellow taxi cab because they were being monitored by the Manila International Airport Authority and passengers can report any act of abuse or discourtesy to the authority at 09178396242.
So this is it for now and I do hope for a safe, convenient and comfortable travel always for each and everyone of us.

Knocking Off Time With A Dunkin Donut Coffee and Muffin at LaguindinganAirport

I could have left home an hour or two hours later and spent the remaining time with my family but I was a bit skeptical, I am afraid about not catching my flight. This is not my usual route when going to Manila, I usually fly from Ozamis Airport so I really am not sure how long it would take me to get to Laguindingan International Airport. It's better to be early than late as what my friends often told me everytime I started to whine about being too early. But anyway, what matters most is to catch my 2:40 PM Air Asia Zest flight for Manila and that's it...LOL...
When flying I normally opt for the lowest air ticket I could get, I am a wise traveler though. But two nights ago, I booked for flight Z2 594 of Air Asia Zest for the sake of curiousity. I could get about a hundred peso less with Cebu Pacific Air but I proceed booking my flight with Air Asia Zest. 
Air Asia Zest is the newest air carrier joining the other fleets of budget airlines serving Philippines. Actually Zest Air had been flying the Philippine skies long before it merged with Air Asia but I haven't made a single flight with the airline. So, this will be my very first time to fly with Air Asia Zest.
It's still three hours more before my experience with Air Asia Zest should begin. While waiting for that moment to come, filling my gastronomic craving with a coffee and a muffin from a Dunkin Donut outlet at the airport is obviously the best I can get or the only alternative I got here actually to knock off time.

This Is Not Just Any Bus, It's Hybrid

Philippines' first ever hybrid bus
Hey! Look what I've found here! This is not just any bus we always see around everyday, this is hybrid. Can't believe we've got hybrid bus here in the Philippines. Am I dreaming? But no, I am wide awake. 
Obviously I was just over reacting...LOL... I have no idea or never in my mind I have imagined seeing hybrid vehicles in the Philippines for public transport. So when this hybrid bus came to a complete stop just past right me I really was so surprised.
I highly appreciate Mr. Philip Apostol's ambitious effort for bringing into the country this low-emission mass transport. I do hope in days to come more and more hybrid buses are to be seen in operation not just at its present service area which is generally in Makati area but also to wider Metro Manila areas and anywhere and everywhere around the Philippines. What a wonderful world to live in with all these environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable and reliable mass transport plying on major thoroughfares.
As of posting, the cost of riding a hybrid bus is only 20 pesos cash payment. Commuters also have the option to purchase prepaid cards with free ride for every 10 rides purchased. These hybrid buses features CCTV monitors as well as GPS. What a safe, easy and high-tech way to ride isn't it.
I haven't ride this hybrid bus yet. So next time when I'll be in Makati again, I'll see to it that I'll be riding one of these buses.

To Andrew's Pizza - Take A Detour And Have A Tasteful Bite Of Pizza

How far would you travel just to get a bite of your favorite pizza? Ohhh... plenty would go too far just for its cheesy and crispy crust with tomato and assorted toppings. Think about the last time you had your favorite pizza. For sure you had it either at Pizza Hut,Greenwich or maybe at the pizzeria in your place. 
Pizza is so popular to everybody, so popular that even for the Filipino people, pizza has penetrated deep into our taste buds. When our gut starts to crave for that mouth watering melty cheese crispy crust pizza, finding a pizzeria in a city won't be that tricky. Just by looking around, in no time you'll find yourself munching with this mouth watering foreign dish in a local resto or most likely you'll end at one of the many international big food chains serving pizza.
Andrew's Pizza order counter
But in the town of Tubod, there is this most talked about and most visited pizzeria I discovered. It's called Andrew's Pizza. It's most talked about because my sister often and always brags about Andrew's Pizza over Facebook every time she and her friends visit the place. It's most visited because Andrew's Pizza is the favorite hang out of my sister and her friends. Just kidding...LOL... But seriously yeah, there's no other place here in Lanao del Norte that serves the yummiest pizza but only Andrew's Pizza.
Actually, I heard about Andrew's Pizza since the day it opened but I had my very first bite just recently when I arrived home from work overseas. And yes you are all right! My sister dragged me there and after that I became a regular customer of Andrew's Pizza so as my wife and kids too. Andrew's Pizza is totally a hit in Tubod and enjoys regular customers not just residents of the town but from its neighboring towns and perhaps from more towns around Lanao del Norte as well. 
How Andrew's Pizza pizza tastes? Well here pops up the million peso question. Just imagine that delicious pizza you ordered at Pizza Hut, Greenwich, Little Caesar's or Domino's. The big difference is that at Andrew's Pizza you'll get more pizza while paying less.
Andrew's Pizza is located at 1801 Cabili Avenue, Tubod, Lanao del Norte. You can reach them at telephone number 341-5203 or at cellular phone number at 09179409287. It's just few minutes detour from the National Highway. If you are visiting Lanao del Norte and happened to be passing by the town of Tubod, head for Andrew's Pizza drop by and have your most tasteful bite of pizza. 
More photos:

Mindanao's Spectacular Eco-Tourism Landmark - Tinago Falls Highland Resort

It's more fun in the Philippines and welcome to Lanao del Norte's spectacular eco-tourism landmark, Tinago Falls. After several failed plans to visit Tinago Falls, finally I made it! Believe it or not, I've never seen nature this wonderful and spectacular yet very affordable. A hundred pesos can cover all the cost for a single visitor to enjoy the resort's amenities. It includes the entrance fee, life jacket rental, use of raft and a cottage or picnic hut.
Anyone  who visits Lanao del Norte for a holiday, on business trips or attending any of the so called not-to-be-missed family gatherings should not ignore the opportunity to explore and experience one of Lanao del Norte's most breathtaking eco-tourism landmark, the Tinago Falls Highland Resort. Tinago Falls Highland Resort is about 2 km away from the town proper of Linamon with well maintained concrete road providing a comfortable and safe ride all the way to the resort. The ride to the resort is none the less a boring one especially for visitors coming from the city. The coconut trees, the animals, the farms and all those green countryside sceneries are absolutely a prelude picture of what visitors are about to see at the resort.
Tinago Falls guest enjoying the bamboo raft ride
One of Lanao del Norte's best kept wonders of nature, a visit to Tinago Falls Highland Resort is one exhilarating adventure suited for the more active visitors. Have a leisurely and relaxing trek down the 434 steep steps on a descending slope downhill and at the same time be prepared for the energy-draining walk back uphill. 
The more tempting rather than inviting cool water from the waterfalls offers visitors no room for second thoughts but to dive, swim and enjoy the irresistible refreshing treat after that 434-step walk. 
For photography enthusiasts (professionals or beginners) who has deep and innate passion in capturing nature at its most untouched state, make your way to Lanao del Norte's best-kept secret and ready yourself to be captivated with the breathtaking and spectacular landscape of the waterfalls, the trees and everything around.
Tinago Falls Highland Resort is perfect for family outing. It features cottages at affordable rates. Safety of guests is the resort's main concern, so wearing of lifejackets is compulsory for anyone who wants to dip and swim at the 65-foot depth swimming basin. 
Tinago Falls Highland Resort
The resort also features bamboo rafts for guests to savor the fun and excitement. The bamboo rafts allow guests to easily get closer and exactly stop right beneath where the water falls at 120-foot drop. 
Visiting Tinago Falls Highland Resort doesn't in any ways drain visitors' wallet as the entrance fee and the rental of available amenities are very cheap. 
1. Entrance fee is only 5 pesos per head. 
2. Cottage or picnic hut rates ranges from 50 to 100 pesos only depending on the type of cottage you choose.
3. Rental of lifejacket costs 20 pesos per head for the whole duration at the resort.
4. Riding the bamboo raft costs 20 pesos per head throughout the day.

Part of Tinago Falls' 434 steps
Make sure you bring your digital camera and don't worry about who will do the shots. There are few locals from the resort who offer their services to capture every moment at the resort for you. They don't have a fixed rate for the service but a hundred pesos or even less will do. But if you are not this stingy like me, you can give more, these guys are more than happy to make every guests at the resort have a momento to take back home.
Tinago Falls' Picnic Huts / Cottages
Tinago Falls Highland Resort is one of the many eco-tourism wonders from the province of Lanao del Norte. Make your trip around the province and just be sure Tinago Falls is on your travel itinerary. For a fun-filled exciting nature adventure, Tinago Falls simply is one of Mindanao's best.

Where To Go Swimming In Tubod, Lanao del Norte

When I was still a kid, swimming pool is not as popular as these days and as far as I can remember, the only swimming pool I know existed in our place was the Quibranza family owned swimming pool in Brgy. Pinpin, about 12km from the town proper. Since it is not opened to the public, the only place most people in Tubod knew where we can go swimming was only to that beach in Brgy. Aloha. The beach in Aloha was not really that good, it's muddy with small pieces of edgy rocks that can cut bruises once you set foot on it not to mention the below knee level of water during low tide. And I almost forgot to mention all those "yellow submarines" (my term for poohpooh...LOL) that would surface anytime but we just ignored all those unwanted floatations. So still the beach enjoys regular patrons including me, my family and most people in the whole municipality.
Years passed and that beach in Aloha became a thing in the past as numbers of better and cleaner beaches from other towns of Lanao del Norte began emerging. 
But people never stopped finding and looking for ways to do business and at the same time introduce other ways of that people can enjoy especially during holidays, weekends and important family events. So came the swimming pools. 
At present travelers and residents in the municipality of Tubod and the neighboring towns have five swimming pools to choose from. Just take a pick from these watery offerings, whichever you choose I know you'll have your best ever swimming experience. 

Kalilangan Cold Spring
Want to see a strong burst of spring water from the ground filling the pool in one side and flowing off from the pool on the other side? Visit Kalilangan Cold Spring. A dip at the refreshing cool water simply soothes and relaxes our body after that 16km road trip from the town proper. The resort even has its own electricity supply generated from the spring. 
Heading to Kalilangan Cold Spring before or say about a year or two years ago requires patience as the road going there was extremely bumpy. But recently when my family visited the place again (minus myself as I was off to work during that time), the road is already developed and bumpy ride is now history.

Legaspino Swimming Pool
Just within the town proper, this swimming pool is best for those who prefers not to leave town in order to swim. Surrounded with coconut trees and away from the highway, visitors at Legaspino Swimming Pool can still enjoy the benefits of being in a secluded island.

MCC Swimming Pool
Want an olympic size swimming pool to master or simply to put into action your swimming skills and at the same time have some fun with family or group of friends? Visit this swimming pool located just within the town proper and inside the multi-million peso sports complex in Lanao del Norte, the Mindanao Civic Center or MCC for short. It's just along the highway and guarded 24 hours a day. The con here is that on a clear blue skies during sunny days, you'll get sunburn. Unlike the swimming pools I mentioned above where trees can provide shades in the pool, here at MCC, nada. So as a precaution, don't forget to bring sun screen lotion.

MCC Hotel Swimming Pool
As an option to the swimming pool at MCC Sports Complex is the swimming pool at MCC Hotel. Just some walking distance from the olympic size swimming pool
I mentioned above, you can have a luxurious swim. But make sure you are checked-in at the hotel or else the roving guard will pull you out... LOL...

Masolon Swimming Pool
Never been here yet actually. Just heard about this from friends but I know the place. I'm referring to that new swimming pool in Brgy. Masolon nearby Brgy. Malingao. Got to check this first.

So here are the swimming pools in and around the municipality of Tubod, Lanao del Norte for  travelers, families and friends to enjoy especially during summer or anytime of the year when the weather becomes so warm. Check this out!

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