Close Your Eyes Only If You Don’t Want To See Naked Sculptures

If you do not like to see interesting sculptures depicting statue of naked people then avoid reading this post. But for those who treat this as display of art, then there is no way this post can be offensive. If you arrive La Coruna, Spain by cruise ship, certainly you will see these two statues standing just in front of La Coruna’s cruise terminal.
I decided to went ashore yesterday for some coffee just at the shopping mall closest to the ship. Coming out from the cruise terminal came into view these two naked sculptures. It did not came into my mind to take photos of these intriguing art at first, but I noticed several others too were as curious as me, so here’s what I got during that call in La Coruna, Spain yesterday.

I Missed Blogging, Really...

I haven't updated my blog recently or say for the past days, weeks and as per checking for over a month now. Where I was? What I was doing?...LOL... I can't answer that because I don't know either.
Just kidding actually. Honestly, I was really really super busy. It takes time for me to finish some job I need to do which until now still I am struggling to get it done.
I missed blogging and how I wish I can be that efficient multi-tasker, just like my iPhone. But I am not so I have to do things one at a time.
This is for now and have a nice (great!!!) day everyone!

ABBA the Museum: The Original Mixing Console

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ABBA the Museum: Stig Andersson’s Office

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ABBA the Museum:

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ABBA the Museum: Eurovision 1974's Most Famous Outfit

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Stockholm's Most Enrtertaining Museum - ABBA the Museum

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Free Internet Access For Cruise Ship Crew Members In Helsinki

I really love Helsinki not because it is what it is but more about its offerings to cruise ships visiting the port. As crew member myself, Helsinki is one of the most cruise ships crew-friendly ports in the world. Just walking distance away from the ship, a drop-in center provided by Finnish Seamen's Services in partnership with the Finnish Seamen's Mission can be found. Called Cruise Crew Lounge Anchor, the center sells international telephone cards and top-up cards and offers free wifi internet access exclusively for crew members only. Aside from that, the center also has a small canteen and shop with snacks and beverages and souvenir items available. The center also provides transport and guiding services and almost anything cruise ship crew need.
Well, internet onboard cruise ships is expensive so it's a fact that whenever there's free internet in port, cruise ships crew treated it as extraordinary compliment. So, to all crew onboard cruise ships calling Helsinki and if your vessel docks at Munkkisaari Quay, be sure to have your smartphones, tablets and laptops fully charged before jumping off from the ship. No need to take shuttle buses to the city center; no need to visit the all-crew favourite restaurants/fastfood particularly Mc Donald’s or KFC, simply head to Cruise Crew Lounge Anchor.

Olden's Now You See It, Now You Don't Scenery

With fog
Well, to me it's totally weird to see this kind of scenery, now you see it and later you won't. I never have this scenery in my own country (so let me enjoy this…lol…) I only saw this in Olden, one of Norway's most visited and favorite destination for many cruise ships all year round. Perhaps other places around some parts in Europe may have this same scenery, but seeing this kind of view in Norway is totally remarkable considering the splendid natural landscape stretching throughout Norway’s archipelago.
Without fog
With this entire mirror like water, the colorful houses, the green vegetations growing on its hilly terrain and with the towering mountains at the backdrop, who would not be enticed staring at all these wonderful and breathtaking scenery right before your eyes?

Scenic Skjolden At The Head Of Norway's Longest Fjord

A tranquil village surrounded with wonderful scenery, I can’t imagine arriving, sleeping over night and waking up in this amazing and beautiful part of the world. Skjolden is a small tourist town, located at the innermost point of Norway's longest and deepest fjord - the Sognefjorden, which is well worth a visit.
The towering mountains around, the quaint little houses and the idyllic farms along both shores of the fjord and of course the serene waters defines a breathtaking natural landscape just like those we see on postcards. The day we were there, the weather was perfect – there was no rain. The very low clouds hovering below the mountains and the village and the light fog sitting in from time to time enhanced the picturesque scenery around Skjolden.Skjolden has just a couple of restaurants and shops around. Buying few beers, sitting along the shores and enjoying all these scenery right in front of you is obviously one of the best way to get most of Skjolden.

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